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About Me; Tracie Larson MBACP

"Yesterday I was clever. So, I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise. So, I am changing myself"

Life has taught me joy can be found within personal discovery of self. Exploration of life brings forth a better understanding of who we are. Materialistic objects mean very little when we do not have an inner peace.

I learnt to live a more fulfilled life after embarking on my own personal journey. I discovered a new understanding of my own needs, what I needed in life to enable me to become my true authentic self. I have always been passionate about mental wellbeing. Now I am able to help others on their journey to live a more fulfilling life. 



I am an integrative therapist, I use different counselling modalities within my work. I integrate Gestalt, inner child therapy and transpersonal therapy which is supported by a person centred approach. This places you at the heart of the work supporting you to explore and reflect. Providing a safe non-judgemental space to understand some problems you might be encountering within your life. 

I work with the whole person. Integrating a model called the "connections model". The model provides the foundation of my theoretical approach supporting other modalities. Together we will explore the mind, body, emotion and soul. The model believes if we feel content and fulfilled by our life, we need to pay attention to these parts, making contact with any disconnect within us. Working towards a connection I will support you to explore any unmet need that might be within. 

I work spiritually relating to the human spirit or soul. Supporting you to find deeper connections within yourself. Bringing your self-awareness into the present moment supporting you to hear the gentle voice of soul. 

I work with energy that is present during your session. I intuitively connect to energy within you that you might be worried to share openly for fear of judgement. Providing an emphatic understanding and a metaphorical hand to hold as you embark on your healing journey releasing any energy that feels stuck.

I work therapeutically with children from 12 years of age. My approach with children is gentle and supportive. Allowing the child time to build trust within the therapeutic relationship. Providing a safe space to explore parts of their life that might be causing emotional upset.

If you have concerns your child is shut off from life please reach out for a confidential chat. I will provide a safe space for your child to talk through any issues that might be causing them distress. The world can be a confusing place for children, trying to navigate where they belong, where they fit or who they are as they walk the path of transitional growth into adulthood. 

Are you looking for answers that you are finding difficult to find on your own? I feel confident that I can support you on a journey of discovery.

Finding a way of managing your life with hope, love and joy. Allowing you to live your life with new possibilities. Bringing self awareness to your life supporting you to take a step forward to a brighter future. Connecting to your true authentic self.


When we first make contact we will go over paperwork together, exploring a contract with yourself being part of the process. Exclusion to confidentiality, storing of notes & my accountability to our sessions.

After this introduction if you feel comfortable you can share part of your story with me. 

Under 16 a parent or caregiver is requested to attend this first appointment.I will provide information around safe-guarding that might arise during therapy, how I would proceed ensuring the safety of the young person.

I will  explain to a child/young person in your presence there might be occasions I might feel they need to share with a parent or caregiver due to safety concerns I feel are being presented. Always offering autonomy to the child/young person with the support of asking a parent/caregiver to attend a session or chat after a session if the child/young person gives their consent to me.

I also offer Reiki healing within my practice. I will connect to the charkas within your body to bring healing energy to where it needs to go. I will connect to any visions that come forward and provide spiritual guidance. I end these sessions with an oracle card of your choice. This is a beautiful relaxing therapy that can address any blocked emotions, anxiety or trauma stored within your body.

I  provide the space for exploration to understand yourself and what it is that brings you to therapy. I can help with the following:

  • Trauma

  • Anxiety 

  • Depression 

  • Relationship issues

  • Parental issues/ additional need parenting

  • Panic attacks 


  • Children & young adults (12yrs+)

I am able to offer 1:1 counselling from the comfort of my own home. I have a quiet, peaceful therapeutic room that is warm and inviting. I will try my best to accommodate you, understanding not everyone can fit in a therapy session Monday to Friday 9-5. I can offer online therapy if this feels more comfortable for you.

 Oreston is set in a quiet, coastal area of Plymouth, away from the more built up areas of the city. I live on the water front which provides a lovely walk after your therapy if you require a bit of space and down time before completing your day. There is plenty of free, accessible parking to the front and side of my property. 

Sea Shore


Concessionary rate for student counsellors 



     £50.00 Per hour - Face to face.

     £45.00 Per hour-online.

     Students £45.00 Per hour.

     Reiki and intuitive energy healing.

     £35.00 for an hour treatment;

          This includes a chat afterwards.

          Sharing of visions.

          Spiritual guidance.

          Oracle card reading.

Please be aware this treatment can go over the hour at times if I feel drawn to continue healing, there will be no extra charge.


First session is 1/2 price (counselling sessions only).

Payment can be made via BACS or Cash payments no later than the morning of the session. I have a card machine if required.

50% cancellation charge for cancelling less than 24hrs before the session.

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