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Sarah '2021'

"I have had counselling/psychotherapy with Tracie for just under a year. Tracie has been the best counsellor/psychotherapist I have ever met. Tracie is very welcoming, accepting, warm, intuitive, sensitive, intelligent, empathic and open minded and has real understanding of a wide range of issues relating to Trauma, Family issues, Disability, Self-esteem and many other subjects. Tracie has very good understanding of issues relating to diversity. Tracie asks just the right questions to elicit expression, thinking about, and remodelling approaches to various challenges. She is constantly encouraging and posiitve, yet also prepared to challenge "stuck" issues. Working on issues with Tracie has had a direct impact on me and helped me progress and improve several difficult relationships and challenges. Tracie makes a real difference in real life. Thank you Tracie."

Angel '2022'

"I found Tracie through recommendation from a work colleague, I was confused about my sexuality and I knew I needed to get some help especially as I was experiencing suicidal thoughts and couldn't find a way out. Tracie was able to provide me a safe space to open up and realise who I was. I was surprised to go back to a child part of myself to realise where this all stemmed from. I am now free and able to live a life without being confused, I would highly recommend Tracie she is very warm and approachable with absolutely no judgement"

Neil '2021'

"I was skeptical at first but after meeting Tracie and seeing her over a course of 6 weeks, I began to feel less angry with the world. She has helped me to overcome my PTSD"

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